Moody´s Visit to Goethe

Moody’s is looking for top student talent from Goethe! As a company, we pride ourselves on producing top-quality ratings and research, and being a leader in the market. By providing robust and high quality analytical support, Moody’s Graduate Programs are essential to achieving our mission and facilitating enhanced professional development and career paths for Associate Analysts. Join us and you’ll be surrounded by a global team of experts who’ll help you build a career of outstanding opportunity. You’ll be inspired by our intellectual rigor and will help us deliver insight and opinions that matter. When it comes to perspectives on credit, we’re sought out by everyone from governments to global media. In short, we have an impact—so will you. To learn more about opportunities for graduates and interns at Moody’s, get insights in to the recruiting process, and connect with our representatives from the hiring team and Campus Recruiting, please join us for our company presentation.

Anmeldung: Anmeldung ab dem 07. Oktober 2019 hier

Datum: Mi., 06.11.2019, 10:00–13:00 Uhr


Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main/Campus Westend

Raum: Seminarhaus, SH 0.106

Max-Horkheimer-Str. 4

60629 Frankfurt am Main


Workshop-Informationen auf der Webseite der Goethe-Universität (Link)