14.11.2023: Competitive M&A process from a buy-side perspective (in collaboration with Motherson Group)

Workshop of the Career Service in collaboration with Motherson Group.

The case study Project Silverstone explores the potential acquisition of Monza automotive, a leading automotive interior supplier, through a typical well structured competitive M&A process. This session would allow the students to better understand the process, analysis and decision making steps, which a corporate M&A team typically undertakes during the first round of asset evaluation.

Goals of the workshop:

-Competencies in understanding a typical M&A process life-cycle

-Examples of techniques for business assessment, including commercial and financial analysis.

- Key methodologies for financial analysis, valuation and decision making


- Overview of general M&A process and Project Silverstone

- Overview and evaluation of key business drivers for Project Silverstone across all key business streams: commercials, purchasing, HR, operations, finance, etc

- Formalization of strategic rationale for the acquisition

- Valuation of the company

- Definition of the "Investment decision" along with key areas of evaluation for the next steps of the M&A process


- literature review and theoretical input

- Examples of evaluation techniques for commercial and financial evaluation which can be applied during the case study (Market assessment, ratio analysis, SWOT, valuation methods, etc.)


The Motherson Group is a US$ 13 billion group promoted by the Sehgal family, consisting of long-standing partnerships with technology leaders worldwide and over 270 manufacturing facilities in over 40 countries across the globe. Motherson has since its founding successfully executed 39 acquisitions, 12 of which have been signed in the last 12 months. Presenters will be Peter Vollprecht (Head of M&A and Business Enhancement) and Maxim Larionov (Director M&A and Business Enhancement) who have both been with the Motherson Group for over a decade.


The Motherson Group is one of the 21 largest and fastest growing full system solutions providers to the global automotive industry, serving multiple further industries, such as rolling stock, aerospace, medical, IT, and logistics, with over 170,000 employees across 41 countries worldwide. The Chairman's Office Europe and North Africa (COE) is supporting and coordinating our operating units, R&D centres, and representative offices across Europe and North Africa with corporate functions and services.

Target audience:

Open to all faculties, especially economics

Registration: Follow the link here

Date: Tue, 14.11.2023, 14:00–17:30 o´clock


Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main/Campus Westend
Raum: Seminarhaus, SH 3.104
Max-Horkheimer-Str. 4
60629 Frankfurt am Main