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Arabesque Group
Arabesque is a global group of financial technology companies offering sustainable investment, advisory, and data services through our advanced ESG and AI capabilities. Established in 2013, our story is one of partnership between leaders in finance, mathematics, AI, and sustainability working together to deliver a new approach to capital markets. We believe economic value creation can and should be combined with environmental stewardship, social inclusion and sound governance. Through our companies, we leverage cutting-edge technology, research and data to deliver sustainable, transparent financial solutions for a changing world.

Arabesque S-Ray GmbH
Arabesque S-Ray GmbH is a global sustainability data provider that focuses on advisory and data solutions by combining big data and environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics to assess the performance and sustainability of publicly listed companies worldwide. With offices in Frankfurt, London, Boston, Tokyo and Singapore, S-Ray empowers investors, corporates and other stakeholders across the world to make more sustainable decisions. At S-Ray, we recognize that technology and human experience must intersect to best collaborate with and serve our clients. With diverse industry and academic experience across the global S-Ray team, we are driven by a passion to deliver products and solutions for a more sustainable future.

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Arabesque S-Ray GmbH

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